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SeoEra doesn't just sell websites but creates websites for our customers that SELL

All the websites we develop or design are 100% compatible with all versions of mobile phones and tablets. They are also compatible with All Search engines especially Google search engine and digital marketing, the ability to control each part of the website easily by yourself or anyone from your team members, we guarantee and offer you the website design and development' technical support for free for one year.
When choosing a development or web design company for your website, it is very important not only to look at the price but also the quality of the work you hope to obtain
Web Designer:
responsible for the creation of the concept of website design
Web Developer:
creates the codes and turn the website design into a dynamic website.

Web Design at SeoEra
The initial design

1 - The initial design

In this phase the client has two options:

1.For the client to explain briefly all of the web site functionalities and the services it should be offering. Afterwards, SEOERA team is to present an initial design to be approved or modified by the client before going to phase two which is developing the website.

2.The second option is for the client to emphasize the prospect design about which they had already a vision. And then SEOERA team to try to develop this design to be approved or modified or even changed entirely by the client.


2 - the coding and web development

Once the design in hand, we start developing the solutions according to the client’s needs and priorities. We promise to deliver a fully developed product with ease and simplicity, along with loads of other options, to guarantee the scalability of the solutions, above all. So we won’t need to redevelop any part of it, furthermore.


3 - pre-hand over

Seven days before the day agreed to hand the project over, the team alongside with the client, do some testing for the tools in order to guarantee it is fully functional. Perhaps even adding some newly proposed options to the project, to be agreed on from both sides


4 - hand over

The last phase in the project is handing over the project to the client, with full explanation of its user manual and key controls. That happens usually, during a meeting between the client and the team in our premises or via a videoconference online.

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