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SeoEra doesn't just sell websites but creates websites for our customers that SELL

Your Web design will be 100% compatible with all mobile and tablet versions, compatible with All Search engines especially Google search engine. the ability to control each part of the website easily by yourself or anyone from your team members,

One year of technical support for free.
When choosing a development or web design company for your website, it is very important not only to look at the price but also the quality of the work you hope to obtain.

Web Design at SeoEra
The initial design

1 - Demo Web Design:

At that stage of work, after completing the contracting process between Seo Era and you, our web design team is working on a demo web design and send it to you to take the final approval on it before starting the next step, which is the web site programing, so as to confirm that the web design of suits your wishes and expectation greatly.

2 - Web site development:

After our client reviews the web design and approves it, the second step comes which is website development and make it’s a dynamic control panel, through which it controls everything that is displayed on the website, a control panel easy to use. We use PHP, Laravel, and whatever your project ideas you want to implement, our team is able to meet any requests or ideas even new and unusual.

3 - pre-hand over

Before the agreed delivery date, we test the website and make sure that everything works correctly and error-free.

4 - hand over

The last step is to deliver the website, through a meeting at our office or an online meeting, then collect and work on any notes during or after the meeting.

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