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SEO Service “#10 of Google Search Results

SeoEra will help you to get a high ranking in Google search engines, We use only the whitehat SEO

We have worked in the largest competitive fields all over the world, Tourism, Shopping, Reale Estate and much more. So we have the experience you are searching for.

Some of What we do to make your website in top 10 of Google page result with target keywords which bring sales and conversion to you :

We do our research to check out your competitors and know every and each thing about them.

We will create a top keywords list which users use in Google to search for your products or services related to your website.

We will make sure that your website content written according to SEO and Google policies.

The above is just a hint about what we will do, feel free to contact us any time to get your details SEO offer and SEO Prices, and don't forget sending your website URL to check it out by our SEO expert to customize an SEO offer for you.

Study Your Competition
Study Your Competition To See Keywords and SEO Plan Success

The first and important thing in our SEO PLan is to study your competition and check out the ability and the approximate time it will take to get every and each keyword in Google first-page result. after that, we will make a new SEO Strategy plan for your website with what we will do and what we will work on ( Details SEO offer ), such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO

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On-Page SEO
The Master Key

On-page SEO is the most important thing in your SEO PLan, it is the practice of optimizing each and every web pages in order to rank higher in Google and other search engines and get more target traffic in Google. On-page SEO refers to both the website content and HTML (source code ) of a web page from your website that can be optimized for Google.

Some of on-Page SEO ( Most Important )

  • Website content and make it unique and add value to your customers and website visitors.
  • Meta Tags ( Title, Description, Keywords )
  • Other Meta Tags
  • H1, H2, ... tags 
  • URLs of your website
  • Internal Links
  • Alt and Title tag for images
  • Robots.txt file
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Google Tag Manager
  • schema markup
  • Related and longtail keywords
  • ...... etc.

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Off-Page SEO
Back-link building Strategy

SEO at 2019 is so different of the SEO in the past, the quality of backlinks is very important for Google, So we use a whitehat SEO in our SEO plan, we didn't use any software or any blackhat SEO, the quality is always our top priority.

We use social media websites as a backlink, we write match and unique content to use it in our off-page SEO strategy. 

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Tracking Results
SeoEra have an SEO System to track your Keywords

The most important in SEO is to know your ranking in Google and its position in Google page results. at SeoEra, we have an online SEO System, which developed indoor to tracking our customer's keywords in Google and check out the status of keywords. Which keyword get a hight or low ranking in Google? Which keyword our team must take care of? , you will have a username and password to check it monthly, weekly even daily.

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