What does SEO mean

What does SEO mean 02/Aug/2021 Mirna Khalil

What does SEO mean

SEO, search engine optimization simply means that the appearance of your website in search engines with special keywords which related to the specified field in Google, also it’s considered as Website optimization for Google and search engines to appear in first results and get many visits to the website from search engines.

This is the first article about SEO from SEOERA Company to let you know more professionally and get your website to the top of Google and search engines
It contains two main factors 
The first one (On-Page SEO)
Second (Off-Page SEO)
The first one (On-Page SEO):
On-page seo means things that will be entered inside the website and from them we optimize website to Google and search engines for example:

  • Meta tags
  • Content optimization
  • Sitemap
  • Schema
  • Robots.txt
  • Headings

And a lot of other things to do in detail, check SEOERA blog 
  The second one (Off-Page SEO):
Off-page SEO means What we do in other websites outside, to increase website ranking on our targeted keywords for example:

  • Backlinks
  • Outside articles
  • working on social media websites
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Videos 
  • Others

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